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I’ve been writing about and investing in markets since the 1990s focused on US and global equities. I believe in a common sense and thematic approach to investing, beginning with the macro and drilling down into a long portfolio that is grounded in long term secular trends. Investing needs to be fun and logical. You do not need to have a PHD in quantum mathematics or even a university degree to invest in markets. Likewise, you do not need a fund manager to buy and sell your stocks, any more than you need a foreign exchange broker to change your holiday money.

Your portfolio should reflect what is going on in the world today, and the tilt of your portfolio should change as the world changes. Just as in life, the stock market has clear winners and losers. My aim, is to identify these and demystify what is actually very

Should the CEO of a fashion business, a retired surgeon or a farmer have the same portfolio? Not necessarily, your portfolio should reflect your experience, your risk appetite and your interests. After 27 years of looking at markets and stocks myself and having been lucky enough to be able to talk to and share ideas with many smart investors, I firmly believe, the two things in the investment world that will never be commoditised are good people and good ideas; I have some of the best people and some of the best ideas. I guarantee I will make you think, question and laugh, whilst letting my portfolio performance do the talking.

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