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No Nonsense, Just Common Sense, Stock Ideas & Conclusions 

Nutstuff is an independent investment research provider that aims to inform on market drivers at both a macro and micro level. We believe in a common sense and thematic approach to investing, beginning with the macro and drilling down into a long-only portfolio that is grounded in long term secular trends. 


Nutstuff is a trading name of North Breache Limited. North Breache Limited is an appointed representative of Messels Ltd. which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Will Nutting


We all get so much news, much of it fake. It is, however, really all about the conclusion and the “so what”? especially if an investor.


Nutstuffs 3x weekly is exactly this. I look at news, themes , stock ideas and off the wall issues, and there is no clutter with advertising. It is short and very readable. I aggregate, originate and then conclude. 


My aim is very simple: to make my readers; question, think, laugh and of course make money from the market and stock ideas. 

Nutstuff fills a gap in the market…

…delivering, three times a week,  a readable, thought-provoking, actionable investment letter to a broad church of financial and non-financial individuals and corporates. Readers include CEOs and CFO's of some of the biggest financial institutions in the world, founders of the most exciting startups, and investors at some of the highest performing funds across private and public markets, but anyone interested in business or investment would enjoy reading it and benefit from the insights it provides.

We believe that Nutstuff…

as a subscription based research product, offers our subscribers unrivaled access to Wall Street and independent thinkers at a price point that offers huge value. If this investment letter can help you make one better decision each year, it should be worth it. We hope you subscribe and enjoy reading it. If you do like it, please send it on to friends and colleagues. 

Adventure Investor

"Nutstuff is insightful and revealing, it does the uncovering of what is really going on for those of us too slow, too busy or too naïve to do it."
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