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Multipolar word = BRICS +2

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Discuss: “The days of the Central banks saving the stock market are now over. They can’t raise raise rates or they risk contagion among banks. If they cut rates inflation will surge again. Did they truly believe after misguided panic that injecting $11 trillion into our economy in 24 months would have no consequences?

China also have issues but not these!

As for debt free Russia similar.

Then there is the Middle East. R~mind yourself of the relative Weights of these parts of the world in the MSCI “Global” benchmarks….?!

An ATTEMPT MACRO JOINED-UP THINKING. For all the hope of the West winning by having the best technology, if the West becomes increasingly socialist, (Bidens latest tax plans in the US are utter suicide) then the best brains leave. “Wealth is mobile and money goes to where it is best treated”.

As an aside, for Nutstuff, being in and now seeing and understanding better dynamic growth places like Namibia and now Panama (both amazingly similar in where they are as Countries in the life-cycle of “assertion & development”. It makes this thematic so much clearer and most importantly makes me think much more clearly on asset allocation.

I think of the West simplistically as the Blue-chip stock trading on 50x pe owned by everybody telling me that Russia and China are “finished” whilst forgetting that they are priced for this. Meanwhile after 100 yrs of trying to force Russia and china apart we are now forcing them together.

At the same time the irony is that the indebted west is now empowering a struggling China with cheap energy at the same time yet more failed attempts to implement its own self-serving version of World order & Democracy only serves to accelerate the Global South’s moves to reassert its independence. That the multi-polar world everyone now talks about. Then bear in mind that if your “soft power is eroded”you’re your currency is devalued and you now don’t control the world you cant do QE. And that’s your “pull the rip cord” strategy for when things get bad!

China: This week Xi Jinping introduced a 24-character phrase that is likely to develop into the new foreign policy mantra. With risks & challenges increasing, Xi stated…

沉着冷静 Be calm,

保持定力 keep determined,

稳中求进 seek progress & stability,

积极作为 be proactive & achieve things,

团结一致 unite (under the banner of the party),

敢于斗争 & dare to fight

BRICS +2: “Rise of the Oppressed and Resurgence of the Colonised”. More and more steel to this thematic every day.

I believe it is now fact that not 1 single month since the Ukraine conflict started has Russian Energy production gone down. How many of the “BRICS +2”(Saudi and Iran are the +2) have

stopped doing business with Russia in that time?

Not 1. If you add the +2 then this group is 50% of Global Energy! The nominal GDP of the BRICS alone is already larger than that of the US. The BRICS represents about 42% of the world's population and about 31% of the world's GDP and 23% of the world's land area.

What chance these countries and the new members can work together peacefully, think

of the future and opportunity for 3-4 billion people. Yes. Think of how this effects US dominance of foreign policy and the $ as the World’s reserve currency.

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