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Updated: Oct 31, 2023

To Nutstuff again this is a giant and very serious game of WHACK-A-MOLE, as the UK continues to take action against economic threats: First against Global; Mountain 1: commodity price inflation and now Domestic Mountain 2. Debt, tight labour & mortgage rates. Noone seems to connect the dots on what this oft-used phrase “multipolar world” means it= “stickier inflation, no free commodities, no free supply chain, no free money, and consequently no free ride as for the last 40 years” This is why the stakes in Ukraine are so high. The neocons gambled the house. All about “Their Rules based order” and “Their way”. Only they can have nuclear weapons. Really? Only they can invade sovereign countries on false premises? Really? Well, sorry 90% of the world sees the double-standards. nobody would have done this without a Trump card in their back pocket or would they!? Russia's game is however simply survival, a Multipolar world and an end of western economic dominance and colonialism. That is what I believe is Putin's major game. Not Bakhmut, Mariupol, Kharkiv etc. Please spare me the “Russian Lover” label, I just try to listen to more balance and to see things from both sides not just one arrogant and entrenched position. I absolutely see Putin's giant mistake in thinking that the west would settle and not risk end of their dominance as above. Frankly Putin has been as bad at understanding modern western society and its necons as the West has been at understanding Russia. Two totally parallel worlds. Lets just hope common-sense prevails. Please see our disclaimer here:

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